I promise

I promise
That at night, no matter how hot it is
I’ll stick to you and you’ll hate it
But I’ll still do it
I promise that even though I’m scared of that {insert animal here}
I’ll still pretend like I’m okay and I’ll move it away even if it bites me
I promise that during every stupid horror movie
I’ll still be scared or..I’ll pretend to be scared
Just so you can comfort me
I promise that even though you’re annoying the crap out of me
I’ll still let you play with me and pretend I can’t see or feel you
I promise that when you’re sick I’ll become a doctor and a nurse
And I will heal you
I promise that when you need me to
I’ll distract your soul
But you must now…
That when I’m sad, I’ll cry and I won’t be comforted
I promise
That sometimes I’ll get angry for no reason and be blinded
I promise
That I’ll try to control you to protect you
I promise
That sometimes I’ll want to do nothing and I’ll want you to do nothing with me
I promise
That I’ll want you to put me before anyone, because that’s what I do
I promise
That you will never know have to promise me anything
Because all that’s left is me.