Sparkles and sparklers light up her soul

In a symphony of island waves that crash

Along the edges of her mouth is truth

Inside the curve of her smile live lies


Shadows and shyness meet up in her mind

Corrupting the spirit of the animal inside

Trying to walk into light to find a solution

She finds the weakness in searching alone


Conformity and compromise wait patiently

Behind the counter of “to never come”

Embracing destiny instead of freedom

Touching sensation but never grasping it


Love and lust dance with her heart

Breaking and banding stitches over wounds

Creating life in the middle of a grave

Insinuating the pain is far away


In the midst of the war

The warrior looks for weakness in her opponent

A shift in his stance

A shift in his stare

But all she sees is his surrender


His face emotionless

A pinch of regret

A dab of sympathy

A handful of goodbyes

But all she sees is a possibility for battle


In the desert of chaos

She desperately longs for movement

Something she can hit

Something she can break

But all she sees is illusions


In the midst of war

A warrior fights an impossible war

No one can fight against indifference

No one can fight against an empty heart

But war is all she sees