Tears mix with melancholy and desperation
Waiting to waltz into the crevices on my skin
To burn trails of “remember me”
Memories swiftly make their way to a corner of my soul
Reserved for misfortunes
On a loop around something better than infinity
My essence
Smells, sounds, images and feelings reach my wounded body
Awakening the child that lays dormant behind aloof eyes
While I breathe, I hope
To dissolve into the wind
So you’ll breathe me and maybe then
Be of some type of purpose


Isn’t it ironic the amount of time I’ve spent mourning you?
That I’ve stopped finding your imperfections and started collecting mine
Like souvenirs that stick to my cells
To become part of my transition into what you want
Underneath tired eyes and sleepless nights
Inside unanswered glances and skipped showers
Near silent tears and loud expressions
Along cracks hugging my eyes for your viewing pleasure
Did you find what YOU were looking for?
Looking for love
I found my food to have emotions
Found pain to be anonymous
Found nothing to be synonymous…